German insurer Allianz saw its dollar-denominated 3.875% perpetuals fall about 5 points late on Monday after the 30-day call announcement window closed, indicating that the issuer will not be redeeming the bonds on the first call date of March 7. The fixed-for-life perpetuals (Term of the Day, explained below) fell 4.7 points this week thus far to currently trade at 93.85 cents on the dollar, yielding 4.13%. A senior syndicate banker told IFR, “There is a long, long track record of issuers making a call based on economics in the US dollar fixed-for-life market. This is not the first time this has happened. I’m quite amused, I can only infer from the price move that some people investing in the bond thought it was going to get called at the first call date, but I’m not sure why.” The bonds are now callable at any time and bankers expect the bond to move close to par once the dust settles, IFR reported.


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