Saudi Aramco is seeking to arrange a $12bn -$14bn via bank loans that it plans to offer to its gas pipeline network buyers as per Reuters sources. They note that up to $17bn could be raised from the sale of a considerable minority stake in its gas pipelines. Reuters mentions, “The stake would be offered with a loan financing package already in place, worth about 80% of the price.”

Aramco sent a request for proposals last week to some banks that previously financed $12.4bn worth of the company’s oil pipelines acquisition earlier this year, including all of Aramco’s existing and future stabilized crude pipelines. The earlier deal was backed by $10.5bn financing from a large group of banks including Citi, HSBC and JPMorgan. Bids by potential buyers for Aramco’s gas pipeline assets include Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), Brookfield, GIC, SNAM, China’s Silk Road, CNIC Corp, Korean Investment Corp (KIC) and NH Investment & Securities , with the bids expected to be submitted by the end of October

Saudi Aramco´s USD bonds were slightly down with its 4.375% 2049s down .54 to 112.195, yielding 3.67%.

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