Boeing reported a net loss of $561mn in Q1 on revenues of $15.2bn as it struggled with production issues of its 787 at a time when air travel demand remains subdued. This was the plane manufacturer’s sixth straight quarterly loss. The company had posted a loss of $641mn on revenues of $16.9bn in the corresponding period in 2020. The lower revenues were mainly attributed to the sale of products, down 11% at $12.5bn in 1Q2021. Revenues from the commercial airplane unit were down 31% to $4.27bn YoY while sales from its defense, space and security unit were up 19% to $7.16bn. Operating cash flows improved to ($3.4bn) vs. ($4.3bn) last year due to higher 737 deliveries, partially offset by lower 787 deliveries. While long term debt was down to $57.6bn from $61.9bn last year, its short term debt grew to $6bn from $1.7bn. The company added 77 orders to its commercial airplanes, up from 50 last year as the 737 MAX returned to the skies and as deliveries of 787 resumed in March. Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun expects orders to increase as travel demand rises steadily with more people getting vaccinated. He said, “While the global pandemic continues to challenge the overall market environment, we view 2021 as a key inflection point”, adding, “Our balanced commercial, defense, space and services portfolio continues to provide critical stability for our business”.
The company’s 2.196% 2026s were up 0.35 to trade at 100.25 yielding 2.05%. Its 3.3% 2035s were up 0.61 to trade at 98.13 yielding 3.47%.

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