The Boeing Company announced their major program deliveries for Q2 yesterday in which it revealed that additional rework is required on its undelivered 787 fleet. This rework has been worked out after detailed discussions with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and will require associated inspections. This will lead to a temporary drop in the 787 production rate as the company is reprioritizing production resources to deal with the rework on the existing aircraft. The company will now produce only five 787s every month and expects to deliver only half of its existing 787 inventory of approximately 100 aircrafts. While the 787 production has been hit, the company has successfully returned its mainstay 737 fleet to the international markets. Boeing had delivered fifty 737s, twelve 787s, and eight 767s and 777s each during Q2. The plane manufacturer had delivered ~45 planes in June, its highest monthly total since March 2019, after the fleet was grounded due to two 737 MAX crashes. The company had also suffered a slump in its deliveries on electric problems that were revealed on its 737 Max jets in May.

All Boeing bonds were in the red after the news. Its longer dated 3.25% 2035s and 5.93% 2060s were down 1.15 and 1.4 to trade at 100.89 and 137.74 respectively. The shorter dated 2.5% 2025s were down 0.24 to trade at 103.32.

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