Global bond funds saw $11.99bn in outflows in the week ending May 4, as per Lipper data. The massive outflows come on the back of tight global central banking policy with inflation hitting highs. This was the fifth consecutive week of outflows across bond funds, Reuters notes. US and European bond funds saw outflows of $5.6bn and $6.2bn respectively, while Asian funds saw much smaller net outflows of $30mn. The data also shows that weekly net selling in global short and medium-term bond funds jumped to a four month high of $6.9bn. Government bond funds however gained $6.2bn in inflows, their biggest weekly inflow since at least June 2020. As per Reuters, “an analysis of 24,183 EM funds showed net selling in both equity and bond funds eased to a three week low of $565mn and $328mn respectively”.

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