Chinese developers CIFI Holdings and Ronshine China bought back some of their dollar bonds.

  • CIFI repurchased $75.3mn in principal of its 5.5% bonds due January 2022 between October 7 and November 3. The outstanding amount is now $509.7mn.
  • Ronshine repurchased $23.45mn in principal of three of its dollar bonds since October 20. It  bought $7.35mn of its 5.25% 2021s, $2.5mn of its 5.5% 2022s and $13.6mn of its 10.5% 2022s. The cumulative total principal amount repurchased since the bonds’ issuance are $13.45m, US$2.5m and US$33.6m, respectively. Ronshine added that it may make further repurchases as appropriate.
  • Agile Group said it had repurchased $10mn in principal of its 3.85% bonds due November 18, 2021 adding that it has sufficient funds to repay its debts as they fall due.
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