Singapore based distressed water treatment and power firm Hyflux has received six offers from overseas investors for its restructuring. While one of the bids has offered a restructuring of the entire company, the other five have bid only for specific assets. The complete restructuring bid is the only one that addresses retail investors in the troubled company’s perpetual securities and preference shares. Faced with financial uncertainties, the water treatment company had started a court-supervised debt restructuring in May 2018 and had set a target of April 30 to finalize the binding term sheets. The term is due to expire on May 15 after it was granted an extension of 90 days in February from a court in Singapore. The judicial manager for the restructuring is seeking another extension of 60 days to July 14. The restructure is important to the company as its liquidity is drying up fast. The company had only $18.4mn in cash as of January 31, 2021 that is adequate only till June.

Hyflux’s 6% perps and 8% perps have an outstanding principal of S$500mn and S$400mn and are trading at distressed levels of ~5-6 cents on the dollar.
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