SIA Raises Funds; Pemex, South Africa, Oman Downgraded

At the time of this writing, Asian equity markets were lower with Topix down 4%, Nikkei down 3.65%, Kospi down 2.35%, Hang Seng down 1.6% and Shanghai composite down 1.37%. US markets were down 1%-2% on Friday and US futures are opening down around 1% this morning. US...

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SoftBank Downgraded; Ford Becomes Junk

The US stock market saw its first consecutive daily gain after more than a month. This syncs up well with the first new bond issue in Asia that has also come after a month. Markets are upbeat as the US Congress closes in for a fiscal stimulus plan to alleviate the...

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Fed to Buy Bonds from the Secondary Market

Financial markets are rallying this morning after the US Federal Reserve announced new measures, implying unlimited quantitative easing to support the flow of credit to households and businesses. Treasuries had a choppy session ending the day mostly unchanged. This...

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