Indian Dollar Bond Issuance Set to Surpass 2017 Record

India Inc’s overseas dollar bond issuances have already surpassed last year’s total of $6.3 billion in just the first 4 months of 2019 with $9.9 billion raised by companies from a range of industries such as State Bank of India ($1.25 billion), Shriram Transport...

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Perpetual Bonds – Understanding the Basics

What are perpetual bonds? Perpetual bonds, also called perpetuals or perps, are fixed income securities that have no maturity date, or where the agreed-upon period of time over which interest will be paid is forever (in perpetuity). Unlike fixed tenor bonds that have...

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Bond Investors Up $75.4 Billion in 1Q19

The Jan-Feb bond party continued into March with 1Q19 mark-to-market gains of $75.4 billion, calculated based on quarterly price gains (ex-coupon) of US dollar denominated bonds in the BEV universe. To illustrate this rally in bond prices, we plotted the average...

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