HNA Bonds Dip as Bank of America Halts Deals

Amid increasing concerns about the opaque structure and level of indebtedness at HNA Group Co, Bank of America has instructed its investment bankers to hold off on deals with them. This is in line with similar stances held by firms like Citigroup and Morgan Stanley,...

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Greenko Issues Asia’s Largest Green Bond of $1 Billion

On Monday (17 July), Greenko – India’s market leading clean energy company, raised as much as US$ 1 billion in their multi-tranche bond issuance. This would be the largest green bond issuance by a privately held company in Asia, thus far. Specifics: Tranche 1 (5...

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SoftBank Issues Largest Non-Investment Grade Hybrid

SoftBank Group sets a record at US$4.5 billion for the largest junk-rated perpetual, issued in 2 tranches of US$2.75 billion at 6% with an early Redemption date of July 19, 2023, and US$1.75 billion at 6.875% with an early Redemption date of July 19, 2027.  The...

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