Reliance Communication bonds end flat for the week.

Reliance communication has issued a statement protesting the latest round of downgrades carried out by rating agencies. The main argument put forth is that the downgrades do not reflect the ongoing  strategic discussions with Aircel and the sale of the tower business....

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“Frexit” fears fade; Risk-on sentiment develops

Geopolitical tensions over North Korea and Syria took a backseat last weekend as eyes point toward the first round of French Presidential Elections, which saw Emmanuel Macron beating the far-right leader Marine Le Pen, with a projected total of 23.7% to 21.9%....

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US Bond yields at their low point for the year

While world attention has been focused on geopolitics the US 10 year note fell to 2.8% a low for this year and the probability of a fed increase in the May meeting is only 13.3%. This probability is calculated using the prices of fixed income instruments and is an...

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