SBI creates a trend with Floating Rate Bonds

With the Fed on track to persist with rate increases, investors are looking for ways to immunize their portfolios. State Bank of India tapped into the investor’s desire to reduce duration by issuing a floating rate bond, where the investors get a higher rate of...

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Managing fed rate hikes as a bond investor

With Fed chair Janet Yellen expressing a mix of optimism on growth while still calling for restraint on raising rates, the ability of bond investors to predict U.S. interest rate policy movements has become more difficult.  This uncertainty is coupled with decisions...

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Eyes on April Non-Farm Payroll after strong ADP

All eyes are on the Non- Farm payroll to be released on Friday night Asia time, the market expectation is an increase of 180 K jobs, which is lower than last months increase of 230 K jobs. A stronger ADP,  a pre-cursor to the NFP has created even more interest in this...

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