Perpetual Bonds – Understanding the Basics

What are perpetual bonds? Perpetual bonds, also called perpetuals or perps, are fixed income securities that have no maturity date, or where the agreed-upon period of time over which interest will be paid is forever (in perpetuity). Unlike fixed tenor bonds that have...

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Bond Investors Up $75.4 Billion in 1Q19

The Jan-Feb bond party continued into March with 1Q19 mark-to-market gains of $75.4 billion, calculated based on quarterly price gains (ex-coupon) of US dollar denominated bonds in the BEV universe. To illustrate this rally in bond prices, we plotted the average...

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New Bond Issue Process – Explained

One of the ways to invest in bonds is through the primary markets, by subscribing for new bond issues. Because the new issue process and related terms can be unfamiliar and intimidating for new bond investors, we aim to explain the overall new bond issue process and...

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