Pakistan raised $1bn via a tap of three bonds. It raised:

  • $300mn via a tap of their 6% 2026s at a yield of 5.875%, ~18.75bp inside initial guidance of 6%-6.125% area
  • $400mn via a tap of their 7.375% 2031s at a yield of 7.125%, 25bp inside initial guidance of 7.375% area
  • $300mn via a tap of their 8.875% 2051s at a yield of 8.45%, 30bp inside initial guidance of 8.75% area

The bonds have expected ratings of B3/B- and received orders over $3bn, 3x issue size. In March, Pakistan raised $2.5bn via a three-trancher, its first offshore issuance since 2017, and came after the IMF announced resumption of Pakistan’s $6bn bailout program. The tapped bonds were priced over their initially issued bonds. The tapped 5Y was priced 16.5bp over its initial 6% 2026s that yield 5.71%, the 10Y was priced 11.5bp over its initial 7.375% 2031s that yield 7.01% and the 30Y was priced 5bp over its initial 8.875% 2051s that yield 8.4%.

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