Seazen Holdings is now set to raise up to RMB 1bn ($140mn) via 3Y state-backed bonds in early September. Similar to Longfor Group’s RMB 1.5bn ($219mn) 3Y notes that priced at a yield of 3.3%, and CIFI’s planned issuance, China Bond Insurance Co. will fully guarantee the new issue. As per Bloomberg, the initial price target of Seazen’s bonds is set at 3-4.3%. Seazen is among the 16 developers identified by Beijing for a pilot program where China Bond Insurance would provide direct bond/asset securitization guarantees. This policy’s objective is to provide stronger support to developers to help restore market confidence.

Seazen’s dollar bonds were trading broadly positive – its 4.5% 2026s were up 0.3 points to trade at 40 cents on the dollar.

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