Barclays Profits Declines, Books Fresh $1.6bn Charge on Over-Issuance Slip-Up

Barclays Delays Share Buyback after $591mn Hit

Barclays has delayed its planned share buyback after an expected  £450mn ($591mn) arising out of an error while issuing securities. Barclays mistakenly issued ~$15bn more structured notes and exchange traded notes (ETNs) from the time it did a shelf registration for...
Lloyds Bank, Barclays Report Results

Lloyds Bank, Barclays Report Results

Lloyds Bank reported reported lower than expected profit in Q4 2021 with one-time charges hitting its earnings. Profit before tax rose 22% YoY to £968mn ($1.3bn) below analyst expectations of £1.4bn ($1.9bn). This was impacted by restructuring costs of £570mn ($764mn)...
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