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IBF Recognized Under FTS - 23-24 February 2022 (Wed-Thu)

Digital Assets in Capital Market

What a Banker Needs to Know - 9 March 2022 (Wed)

Credito Real Downgraded to B+ by S&P; On CreditWatch Negative

Credito Real Downgraded to BB- by Fitch

Credito Real was downgraded to BB- from BB driven by heightened refinancing risk and worsened funding conditions. Credito Real has a high proportion of unsecured funding sources at 80.8% of total debt and are highly reliant on financial market-driven sources. Debt...
Credito Real Announces Asset Sale

Credito Real Announces Asset Sale

Credito Real announced the sale of certain commercial assets of its SMEs. Proceeds will be used to repurchase bonds issued abroad. The company did not comment on the specific assets that will be sold, nor on the buyer or the amount of the transaction. “The decrease in...
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