Trafigura is said to be in discussions with private equity groups for increased financing, according to sources. This comes after sources said that it faced margin calls in the ‘billions of dollars’ last week as oil and commodity pries soared on Russia-Ukraine tensions. Trafigura has held talks with Blackstone for an investment of around $2-3bn in preference shares or a similar hybrid instrument, as per a report. Other companies it has spoken to include Apollo Global Management, BlackRock, and KKR & Co. Trafigura said that it was a part of its long-term strategy to diversify its sources of finance. Earlier in March, it refinanced a European multi-currency loan of $5.3bn and followed it by raising another $1.2bn via a revolving credit facility last week.

Trafigura’s USD 5.875% Perps were down 1.1 points to 84.75, yielding 9.64%

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