United Airlines and Emirates Airlines are set to enter into a codeshare agreement pending government approvals over the next few weeks, as per Reuters sources. The codeshare agreement is likely to help United Airlines compete better for travelers flying to the Gulf region. The likely United-Emirates Airlines partnership comes after American Airlines and Qatar Airways said in June, that they were entering into  a new codeshare agreement expanding their agreement to 16 additional countries.

A codeshare agreement is a business agreement whereby two or more airlines publish and market the same flight under their own airline designator and flight number as part of their published timetable or schedule. Usually, the flight is operated by the operating carrier while seats are sold for the flight by all cooperating airlines using their own designator and flight number. According to The Air Current, a codeshare agreement with United Airlines could be an indicator of Emirates Airlines airline joining Star Alliance, the world’s largest global airline alliance.

Currently, Emirates Airlines has a codeshare agreement with JetBlue in the US. This codeshare agreement with United Airlines would be Emirates Airlines’ second in the US. In July 2022, Emirates and Air Canada had announced a codeshare agreement.

United Airlines’ 5% 2024s were up 0.1 cents on the dollar to 98.58, yielding 6.06%. Emirates Airlines’ USD 4.5% 2025s remained constant at 99.25.

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