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Bond Market Blog

Oil Rallies On A Tweet; Tata Motors & JLR Ratings Cut; HSBC & Agile Group’s Outlook Negative

The tweet below by US President Donald Trump sent oil prices flying as chances increased of an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to substantially cut oil production. Brent Crude's

Ratings Cut for China Grand Auto & Columbia; ADB, Baidu & Carnival Raise Funds

  Not a good first day of the new quarter as stocks tumbled everywhere. All three indices DJIA, S&P and Nasdaq ended the day around 4.4% lower. Treasuries had a

Avg Bid-Ask Spreads - By Rating

March Madness – Notional Loss Crossed $274bn; Bid-Ask Spreads Widened

A mad March if there ever was one. We took a dive into the data in our bond universe to see which sectors took the major hits last month in

First High Yield Issue by Yum Brands After Weeks of Lull; Sri Lankan Bond Prices Lower

  As the worst quarter for global equities since 2008 comes to a close, investors see some hope from the wide stimulus measures. The US and other developed markets continue

Investor Sentiment Survey Results

The Wisdom of Crowds – Investor Sentiment Survey Results

Based on the investor sentiment survey responses we received last week, we have constructed a Fear vs. Greed index. The methodology used for the index construction is to assign points

Credit Rating Downgrades

SIA Raises Funds; Pemex, South Africa, Oman Downgraded

At the time of this writing, Asian equity markets were lower with Topix down 4%, Nikkei down 3.65%, Kospi down 2.35%, Hang Seng down 1.6% and Shanghai composite down 1.37%.

Nearly 3.3 million Initial Jobless Claims; Tata Motors Faces Downgrade; Mexico Downgraded

Despite a record shattering 3.283 million Initial Jobless Claims yesterday, the stock markets continued to rally for the third consecutive day on expectations of the $2tn stimulus package getting approved

SoftBank Downgraded; Ford Becomes Junk

The US stock market saw its first consecutive daily gain after more than a month. This syncs up well with the first new bond issue in Asia that has also

DJIA Rallies 11%, Dollar Halts Rally, Bond Prices Take A Breather

The recently announced Fed Stimulus seems to have given markets some comfort as Monday saw a huge rally in the US. Investor sentiment remains upbeat on hopes that the US

US Investment Grade Corporate Bonds Jump on Fed Stimulus

Fed to Buy Bonds from the Secondary Market

Financial markets are rallying this morning after the US Federal Reserve announced new measures, implying unlimited quantitative easing to support the flow of credit to households and businesses. Treasuries had

Record Bond Fund Withdrawals, Garuda CEO says “Won’t Default”

As more countries lockdown to fight the spread of the virus, policy makers scramble to try and ward off what may be a deep global recession. E-mini S&P futures fell

Adani Abott Point Downgraded To Junk

A time it was, and what a time it was, it was A time of innocence A time of confidences (Bookends theme, Simon & Garfunkel) No Confidence has been instilled.

HSBC CoCos - Next Call Date vs Price Change

Perpetual Bonds – Impact of Call Dates and Resets on Prices

Stocks of many banks have taken a major hit in the last month as Central Banks cut interest rates to reduce the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic. The table

US Treasuries Sell-Off even as Stocks continue to fall; Airline Sector First To Be Hit By Coronavirus

  Old and wise traders have always whelped young traders with a final mantra, when everything is falling, only one thing goes up, US treasuries. That did not happen yesterday...

CoCos Dive Again; Softbank & WeWork Bond Yields Spike

Asian markets struggled on Wednesday despite stimulus spending plans announced by various governments as the threat from a global recession loomed. S&P Global has forecast a global recession this year and their

Casino bonds drop on downgrade risk 2

Yes Bank Upgraded; MGM, Wynn and Genting on Review for Downgrade

More setbacks are in store for Asian markets after Wall Street had its worst day since 1987 with travel lockdowns, social isolation and distancing impacting economic activity. This has forced

Fed Cuts Rates Again; Equities & Bonds Tank Again

Asian Markets woke up to the below Fed announcements: Fed slashes target range for benchmark rates to zero to 0.25% Fed will hold rates near zero until confident that the

YTD Change in Z-Spread of bonds - By Ratings 3

Fed’s Emergency Rate Cut Sparks Déjà Vu Among Bond Investors

The Federal Reserve announced an emergency rate cut of 50 basis points on 3rd March 2020 amid growing concerns over the impact of the Covid-19 virus on the US economy.

Shandong Ruyi Repays Bondholders Amidst Landscape of Rising Chinese Corporate Defaults

Shandong Ruyi Techonology Group unexpectedly repaid bondholders on the maturity of its $345 million dollar bonds that came due on December 19.  This comes against a backdrop of investor concerns

Germany Plans Green Bonds in 2020 to Support Climate Action

Germany plans to issue green bonds for the first time in 2020, joining its European peers such as France and Poland.  The sovereign intends to sell about €10 billion in

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