Advanced Theory & Practice of Bonds

Recognized under IBF-FTS | 7-8 June 2022 | 12 CPD Hours

Comprehensive 2-day course on bonds designed for private bankers, wealth managers and advisors.

Logan Group has paid its $9.66mn coupon on its $280mn 6.9% bond due 2024, according to sources. Logan Group is reeling under liquidity pressures with RMB 13bn ($2.1bn) in capital-market debt maturing or turning puttable in 2022 while cash only stands at RMB 5bn ($790mn). It was downgraded during the week by all three rating agencies – Moody’s cut Logan to B2 from Ba3, S&P cut them to B- from BB- and Fitch from B+ from BB-.

Logan’s dollar bonds were trading weaker, at distressed levels of 14 cents on the dollar.

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