US Bond yields at their low point for the year

While world attention has been focused on geopolitics the US 10 year note fell to 2.8% a low for this year and the probability of a fed increase in the May meeting is only 13.3%. This probability is calculated using the prices of fixed income instruments and is an...

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Pimco calls for Indian Sovereign Bond

PIMCO says it would like to see a Sovereign bond from India (something the government has never done in the international markets) and it also favours dollar bonds from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Mongolia. It also suggested that addition of China to the Emerging market...

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SBI creates a trend with Floating Rate Bonds

With the Fed on track to persist with rate increases, investors are looking for ways to immunize their portfolios. State Bank of India tapped into the investor’s desire to reduce duration by issuing a floating rate bond, where the investors get a higher rate of...

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