Bonds Less Attractive than Stocks to Warren Buffett

Echoing comments from former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett cautions that in the currently still low interest rate environment, bonds are less attractive than stocks despite indications of the equity markets...

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Jackson Hole Comments by Yellen Sparks Treasury Rally

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's comments that the financial system is more stable currently as compared to the last decade, after the onset of the financial crisis, prompted a rise in Treasury prices.  She was speaking last Friday on the second day out of...

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High Demand in Bonds But Few Understand It

Many New Zealanders hold bonds through their investment in KiwiSaver funds, a fact that not all such investors are aware of.  More alarmingly, only slightly more than half of KiwiSaver investors know the interest rates and maturity of the bonds held in their accounts,...

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Fed Minutes Cast Doubt on September Rate Hike

The minutes of the Fed’s July meeting highlighted the intense debate among members about weaker inflation and the timing of asset reduction. The minutes clearly showed a divide in the committee, calling into question its ability to raise rates more rapidly (with some...

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